Oct 16 2012

Howto: Virtual Hosts in Synology DS211j (Apache)

Sometimes, when developing for a web site for instance, you may need to get the site running in a virtual host in Apache, in order to test how it functions in a production environment. If you don’t use the virtual host technique, you need to manually insert paths in order to get for example CSS styles working properly. That is because in a production environment it is common that the references paths start from the domain and not having a directory in the beginning. Follow these steps to enable virtual hosts in Synology DS211j. Continue reading

Nov 30 2011

Howto: Web Pages on Synology DS211j

It is possible to enable personal web pages for all users that you have in Synoogy DS211j. This means that every user may have their own web pages served from their home directory. To enable this “User Home” feature, follow these steps:

  1. Login to DS211j using the admin account.
  2. Select “Control Panel” → “User” → “User Home”.
  3. Tick “Enable user home service”. Just ignore the Volume setting.
  4. “Control Panel” → “Web Services” → “Web Applications” → tick “Enable personal website”.
  5. Logout.
Physically the web pages are located in:

And they can be accessed via:


You may mount the directory onto your computer to easily edit the files.

That’s it!