Dec 15 2014

Howto: Install Gapps on Lenovo K910 VIBE UI 2.0

Google Apps

My Lenovo VIBE Z K910 test unit was shipped with a 1.x version of Lenovo’s custom Android, VIBE UI. Google Apps (gapps) were also pre-installed and everything worked like a charm. Problems began when I updated to the VIBE 2.0. Suddenly all Google apps (Gmail, Play Store, Maps, Google account sync) stopped working. Installing gapps on VIBE UI 1.x is a well documented process and there are many great tutorials available. However, the procedure does not work with 2.0. Here is how I was able to install them anyway. Continue reading

Jul 30 2014

Howto: Fix Samsung Xcover 2 Issues (Old Android, Low Memory, Slow UI)

Samsung Xcover 2 Supercharged

*** UPDATE September 14, 2014: I did not get my Samsung Xcover 2 to recognize the SIM card with any of the CyanogenMod versions 10.1, 10.2 or 11. I also tried the OmniROM but it did not recognize the SIM card either. Some people have reported that their Xcover 2 works fine with the CyanogenMod. The only way I could get it to recognize the SIM card was to use a pre-rooted Samsung ROM that enabled me to change the default installation location to the SD card. Read about the method below. ***

*** UPDATE August 1, 2014: Some people have reported that the Samsung Xcover 2 does not recognize the SIM card after installing CyanogenMod. I will investigate this and provide a solution if/when I will find one. ***

My colleague gave me his old Samsung Xcover 2 to be updated to CyanogenMod as it constantly ran out of memory with the heavy Samsung TouchWiz. I searched the Internet for a while but I could not find any comprehensive step-by-step howto guide in English so I decided to write one myself. Continue reading

Apr 18 2014

Howto: Can’t Update Synology DSM

Can't Update Synology DSM

The latest problem with the Synology DSM is that the DSM can’t be updated as it normally would. This problem occurs at least with the DSM version 4.2-3211. In this tutorial I will show you how to update it manually.
Continue reading

Jan 09 2014

Howto: Custom ROM on Ugoos UT1

Ugoos UT1 Custom ROM

I think that the great and powerful hardware of Ugoos UT1 does not reach its full potential because of slow user interface which also has some usability issues. This in mind I searched for an alternative firmware (ROM) that would be lightweight and easy to use. Continue reading

Nov 26 2013

Howto: Disable Mcrypt in Laravel

Some of the order installations or embedded (ARM processor) builds of PHP may not have PHP Mcrypt module pre-compiled and available. For example Synology entry-level NASes have ARM processors as does my Synology DS-413j. I tried to install Mcrypt via ipkg but it is not available. I tried to compile it from the sources but was not successfull. Continue reading

Oct 28 2013

Howto: Dynamic Virtual Hosts in Synology

Dynamic Virtual Hosts

When dealing with several clients and software that requires to be run on a dedicated domain, running Apache virtual hosts is a must. If you need many vhosts you will end up copy-pasting basically the same Apache configuration all over again. But instead of duplicating the entries you can use Apache’s dynamic virtual hosts configuration where you create a pattern for all future virtual hosts and then just place new vhosts in a correct place in directory hierarchy and voilĂ , it works automatically! Here’s how to do it. Continue reading

Sep 11 2013

Howto: Jiayu G3 Rooting + Custom ROM

Jiayu G3

Jiayu G3 has a very limited subset of languages that other vendors (Samsung, HTC) support so I decided to root the smart phone and install some alternative ROM to see if additional languages (Finnish) could be installed in the process. Continue reading

Aug 26 2013

Howto: Rescue Files After Hard Drive Failure

Recently hard drive in my parents’ Windows desktop computer broke down. There was suppose to be a nice scheduled backup system onto the other spare hard drives but when I inspected the situation, I noticed that it had not run in 18 months. This is how I managed to rescue what was there to be rescued. Continue reading

Aug 01 2013

Howto: Move Disks from One Synology NAS to Another Model

Moving Disks Between Synology

If your old Synology NAS breaks down or you upgrade to a newer NAS with perhaps more disk slots it is important that you can move the old disks – including the old RAID setup – to the new one. The problem is that if the new NAS presumes that the disks installed are empty, it may initiate and build a new RAID erasing your precious data in the process. There is a good guide how to do it on Synology website and I used it as a baseline when doing my own upgrading. Synology calls this process “data migration”. Here is how I moved my disks safely. Continue reading

May 28 2013

Cron Scheduling Doesn’t Work with Synology

Just a quick tip if you have trouble getting your Synology to run scheduled tasks specified in crontab. After a reboot I fought a while with my DS211j as no scheduled task worked – no matter how I wrote the commands in crontab. However I found the solution from Synology forum. Restart crond and it starts working:

  1. SSH login as root
  2. killall crond
  3. /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ start
  4. Verify that your scheduled task is running

That’s it, enjoy!

*** UPDATE Aug 06, 2014: Since DSM update 5.x this method won’t work because /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ does not exist anymore. Use /usr/syno/sbin/synoservicectl –restart crond instead. ***