Mar 26 2014

Review: Cheap Basketballs From China

Cheap Basketballs From China

The official basketballs that are sold in the US and Europe are made in China so it could be possible to get such a ball without intermediate agents for a cheaper price, straight from the factories. So my quest for a good yet affordable basketball game ball shifted to China. I had earlier bought a Spalding NBA Zi/O and a Spalding Neverflat in the United States and a Wilson Solution in Europe. The Wilson Solution turned out to be far superior compared to the Spalding balls. The only problem with the Solution is the high price (60 €/$85) in Europe. Therefore I wanted to find out are the cheap basketballs sold in China any good? Continue reading

Feb 14 2014

Review: Jerseys From

Supejerseys was eventually shut down by the NFL so I needed a new source for affordable yet high quality sport jerseys. I once again organized a group order among my friends to see how the products would compare against the Supejerseys. Continue reading

Nov 04 2013

Review: Jerseys From

Allen Iverson Olympic Jersey From

I have previously ordered NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and soccer (football) jerseys from jerseysfromchinaforcheap (my other review on jerseysfromchinaforcheap), supejerseys and A reader of my blog gave me a hint that Aliexpress also sells jerseys at competitive prices and without postage, no matter if you only order one jersey at a time. I ordered one jersey as a test and here’s what I got. Continue reading

Oct 29 2012

Review: &

*** UPDATE February 14, 2014: The domain has been seized by the NFL. ***

Domain Seized by the NFL

Domain Seized by the NFL

*** UPDATE March 04, 2013: is the new site of and it is owned by the same company. I have already ordered successfully jerseys there and I will write my review of it soon. HOWEVER, I have received reports from my blog readers that has problems delivering products and I have confirmed this myself in my latest order. So I DO NOT RECOMMEND you order anything from for the time being. ***

*** UPDATE November 23, 2012: has been updated and is back online again. ***

*** UPDATE November 16, 2012: People have been asking me what happened to because the website does not respond anymore. I asked this from the customer service of (because they are owned by the same company) and they replied that is currently updating and will reopen soon. ***

The Chinese web store I bought jerseys from in the past quit, so I needed to find a new resource for high quality, yet cheap American sport jerseys. A friend of mine had previously ordered from and recommended it so I decided to give it a try. I soon discovered that the same company owns another web store, that has a variety of other clothing available and it would be possible to combine the two orders into one and get the whole package delivered for free. Continue reading

Sep 05 2012

Review: Wilson Solution Basketball

After experimenting with three different basketballs – Spalding Tack Soft, Spalding Neverflat and Spalding NBA Zi/O – I ended up buying a new Wilson Solution as a replacement for our old Wilson Solution game ball.

Continue reading

Sep 04 2012

Review: Spalding NBA Zi/O Basketball

The quest to find a (cheaper) replacement for our team’s Wilson Solution basketball continued with the Spalding NBA Zi/O. A friend of mine who is a commercial air pilot bought it for me from Paragon Sports in New York and brought it with him when he flew back. It cost $27.99. If you find it in Europe, I could imagine the price range to be around 40-50 €. Continue reading

Apr 01 2012

Review: Spalding Neverflat Basketball

I was really disappointed with the Spalding Tack Soft basketball. When I inflated it so that it bounced properly, it became really hard. When I deflated it to get a softer feel, it did not bounce at all. Eventually the valve leaked air so I ended up returning it to Kickz and got Spalding Never Flat in return.

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Mar 26 2012

Review: Personalized NBA Jerseys From China

*** UPDATE Oct 31, 2012 ***
I have successfully now ordered from Please read my review of the store.

*** UPDATE August 28, 2012 ***
The website has evidently been closed down. I have not been able to contact its owner for a while to know if it has been relocated or what. A friend of mine has successfully ordered jerseys from so I recommend to use that store instead. I have not yet personally ordered jerseys from them but when I do, I’ll report the results here.

*** UPDATE May 26, 2012 ***
Read my review of a larger order I organized with my friends.

In the past I have ordered personalized NBA jerseys from the NBA Store. It is the official distributor and the products are sanctioned by the NBA. However, I’ve been disappointed by two facts: the price and the quality. Mesmerized by the poor quality of the official jerseys, I began to seek alternatives. There are a few companies that sell personalized jerseys directly from China and in this post I will write about the experience from ordering from one of them, Jerseys From China For Cheap. Continue reading