Oct 28 2013

Howto: Dynamic Virtual Hosts in Synology

Dynamic Virtual Hosts

When dealing with several clients and software that requires to be run on a dedicated domain, running Apache virtual hosts is a must. If you need many vhosts you will end up copy-pasting basically the same Apache configuration all over again. But instead of duplicating the entries you can use Apache’s dynamic virtual hosts configuration where you create a pattern for all future virtual hosts and then just place new vhosts in a correct place in directory hierarchy and voil√†, it works automatically! Here’s how to do it. Continue reading

Oct 16 2012

Howto: Virtual Hosts in Synology DS211j (Apache)

Sometimes, when developing for a web site for instance, you may need to get the site running in a virtual host in Apache, in order to test how it functions in a production environment. If you don’t use the virtual host technique, you need to manually insert paths in order to get for example CSS styles working properly. That is because in a production environment it is common that the references paths start from the domain and not having a directory in the beginning. Follow these steps to enable virtual hosts in Synology DS211j. Continue reading

Oct 05 2012

Howto: Restart Apache on Synology DS211j

This one is easy if you know where the script is located. Login as root and execute:
/usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d/S97apache-user.sh restart

That’s it, enjoy!

Nov 06 2011

Howto: Virtual Hosts in Apache

You would like to develop several web sites on your Windows workstation.

WAMP Server installation of Apache has Virtual Host definitions in a separate conf file. Continue reading