Mar 20 2014

Vernal Equinox – Meanwhile in Finland

Today, March 20th 2014, is the vernal equinox. Meaning that the day and night are equal in duration. Inspired by it, I made this short video. Have a great spring, everyone!

Mar 01 2013

Happy Friday

Officer Arinium Reporting for Duty!

Officer Arinium Reporting for Duty!

May you have a very happy Friday, at least I have. The first part of our group order from arrived and I have many reviews and posts coming for you. The bigger tests include cheap flashlights and can/bottle coolers/koozies. I will also review Custom Sports Sleeves (the white sleeves you will see in my photo above), Fila DSL Slam basketball shoes, Under Armour Jet basketball shoes, Reebok (Lifetime) XL 52″ Shatter Guard portable basketball set.

I will also write about how to change the gear stick knob and the gaiter to a Mercedes-Benz A Class vehicle and how to install and setup a video surveillance system.

So be tuned in for more of my writings. In the end I wanted to show you how much fun the Miami Heat have in their office.