Jul 25 2014

Doogee Dagger DG550 Arrived

Doogee Dagger DG550

I am happy to announce that I received the Doogee Dagger DG550 today and I am writing a review of it. Here are the specs as a sneak preview: Continue reading

May 19 2014

Review: Huawei Honor 3C

Huawei Honor 3C

Huawei Honor 3C was introduced in December 2013 and shipments started in January 2014. There has been a huge demand since because it offers exceptionally good hardware for a low price. In this review I will write about how it felt and performed during my two week test period.
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Apr 29 2014

Huawei Honor 3C Arrived

Huawei Honor 3C

I am happy to announce that I received Huawei Honor 3C today and I am writing a review of it. Here are the specs as a sneak preview: Continue reading

Apr 21 2014

Review: TCL (Alcatel One Touch S950) Idol X

TCL Idol X

TCL Idol X, or Alcatel One Touch Idol X in Europe, is a beautiful and slim smartphone that offers great features for its price. Continue reading

Jan 17 2014

Review: Y3E Power Bank

Y3E Power Bank

Sometimes when you are on the go and cannot charge your phone with the normal charger, it would be nice to have a portable power bank with you. I wanted to find a small enough bank that would be comfortable to carry and with large enough capacity to charging one or two mobile phones. One such power bank is the Y3E.
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Jan 09 2014

Howto: Custom ROM on Ugoos UT1

Ugoos UT1 Custom ROM

I think that the great and powerful hardware of Ugoos UT1 does not reach its full potential because of slow user interface which also has some usability issues. This in mind I searched for an alternative firmware (ROM) that would be lightweight and easy to use. Continue reading

Jan 01 2014

Review: Ugoos UT1 Android Set-Top TV Box

Ugoos UT1 Android Set-Top TV Box

Having owned an AppleTV for about a year or so, I wanted to have more options with an Android TV box. Although my AppleTV is jailbroken, it still has a very limited number of apps. There are no apps for HBO Nordic, Viaplay or our national TV companies that offer a lot of content via Android apps.

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Dec 29 2013

Review: ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini

ZTE Nubia Z5 mini

My wife dropped her Samsung Galaxy S3 and shattered its screen. Having owned a Xiaomi Mi-2 for a year myself and being a very happy with it, I decided to look for a Chinese Android phone for her as well. I am very disappointed with Samsung because they are heavily overpriced for the hardware and they have proprietary bloat software that is useless, for me at least. Chinese manufacturers have plenty of alternatives that have powerful hardware, close to a vanilla Android and moderate pricing. After going through the phones I decided to buy a ZTE Nubia Z5 mini for her.
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Sep 11 2013

Howto: Jiayu G3 Rooting + Custom ROM

Jiayu G3

Jiayu G3 has a very limited subset of languages that other vendors (Samsung, HTC) support so I decided to root the smart phone and install some alternative ROM to see if additional languages (Finnish) could be installed in the process. Continue reading