Apr 18 2014

Howto: Can’t Update Synology DSM

Can't Update Synology DSM

The latest problem with the Synology DSM is that the DSM can’t be updated as it normally would. This problem occurs at least with the DSM version 4.2-3211. In this tutorial I will show you how to update it manually.

Synology DSM Problems

As much as I have loved my two Synology NASes, I have not been a big fan of their DSM updates. The earlier versions of Synology DSM had integrated media server that worked like a charm. They decided to make it a separate installable package and then things got broken. The new DNLA media server stops working in about 30 minutes after it has been started. As if it would go to some kind of hibernation state and can never recover. The DNLA players in the network stop seeing the Synology after this “hibernation state”. The only option is to restart the media server either via the web UI or via command line. As of April 17, 2014 Synology has not been able to fix the media server.

Then there has been the issue of leaking memory and rendering the Synology inaccessible from the web. This problem started after a DSM update. The only solution is to reboot the device either from command line or from the power button. It is ridiculous.

The newest problem is the inability to update the DSM. The web UI says: “Connection failed. Please check your network settings”. So how can you update it?

Trying to Update DSM Manually

The first thing that I could think of was to change the DNS servers if that was the cause. If there was something wrong with the DNS servers then my Synology could not connect to the update servers. But it did not work.

The second thing I could think of was the “Manual DSM Update” button under the “Connection Failed” dialog.

Manual DSM Update

The problem is that the “Connection Failed” dialog is modal meaning that it halts the UI and makes the underlying dialog buttons not clickable. If you click OK it closes the DSM Update dialog as well. Damned. Then I thought I could click the “Manual DSM Update” button super fast right after closing the “Connection Failed” dialog on top. After a few trial and error I could indeed click it and it opens up a new dialog saying “Please select the .pat file from your local computer”. So I downloaded a correct version of the newest DSM from Synology. It then says that the update takes long time and begins transferring the file to Synology. Alas, once it has been uploaded, the Synology says that the “Field value is invalid”. Back to square one.

Next I installed Synology Assistant for Windows. Surely there would be an “Update DSM” option, I thought. Well, there is not.

Updating DSM via Command Prompt

I logged into my Synology as root using SSH. Then I ran the command:

root@DiskStation:~# synoupgrade
Copyright (c) 2003-2012 Synology Inc. All rights reserved.
root@DiskStation:~# synoupgrade --check
Percent = 100, Process = 0, 
  FilePath = /volume1/@autoupdate/DSM_DS211j_3211.pat, 
  FileLink = 
  szCmd = http://update.synology.com/autoupdate/genRSS.php?tz=Pacific
synoupgrade.c:2483 The version is the latest.
synoupgrade.c:2529 Check NEW DSM fail
synoupgrade.c:2776 Check New DSM Fail.

Now the problem seems to be a wrong autoupdate file as it refers to my old Synology DS211j from which I moved the disks to my new Synology DS413j.

When I went to see the directory /volume1/@autoupdate/ it was empty. Then I copied the *.pat file to some location on the Synology using shared folder. After that I ran:

root@DiskStation:/# synoupgrade --patch /volume1/software/Synology/DSM_DS413j_4458.pat
szFilePath length = 46
Version Check Pass
Unique Check Pass
UntarFile in upgrade.
Untar //upd@te.pat to //upd@te
checksum in upgrade.
Verify checksum of [//upd@te]...
Pass checksum of //upd@te...
CheckUnique in upgrade.
LaunchUpdater in upgrade.
szCmd = //upd@te/updater
szVolPath = /

After that the Synology rebooted itself. Once it had rebooted I logged in via web UI but to my surprisement the web UI said it was still version 4.2-x and when I checked System Information it confirmed that it was indeed still in version 4.2-3211.

Then I once again logged in as root via SSH and ran a command:

root@DiskStation:~# synoupgrade --check
Percent = 100, Process = 0, 
FilePath = /volume1/software/Synology/DSM_DS413j_4458.pat, 
FileLink = Link
szCmd = http://update.synology.com/autoupdate/genRSS.php?tz=Pacific
synoupgrade.c:2483 The version is the latest.
synoupgrade.c:2529 Check NEW DSM fail
synoupgrade.c:2776 Check New DSM Fail.

Now it pointed to my downloaded new version of DSM so I issued a command:

root@DiskStation:~# synoupgrade --start
UntarFile in upgrade.
Untar //upd@te.pat to //upd@te
checksum in upgrade.
Verify checksum of [//upd@te]...
synoupgrade.c:703 Failed to verify checksum of [//upd@te]...
synoupgrade.c:840 CheckSum Fail with //upd@te
synoupgrade.c:1075 Failed to unpack firmware.
synoupgrade.c:2790 Upgrade New DSM Fail.

Then I copied the *.pat file to the autoupdate directory:

root@DiskStation:# cp /volume1/software/Synology/DSM_DS413j_4458.pat 

Then tried again:

synoupgrade --patch /volume1/@autoupdate/DSM_DS413j_4458.pat

It then rebooted again but this time it halted and could not boot. The blue light on the power button flashed constantly. I waited for 30 minutes and then tried long-pressed the power button to force the reboot. It did nothing so I pulled the plug and re-inserted it. When it restarted I then once again tried logging in just to see that it was still in the same 4.2-3211 version. How frustrating is that.

Then I tried to upgrade to newest 4.3 version. The version and *.pat file was found here. I downloaded the *.pat file straight to Synology and started the upgrade process once again:

wget http://global.download.synology.com/download/DSM/4.3/3827/DSM_DS413j_3827.pat
synoupgrade --patch /volume1/@autoupdate/DSM_DS413j_3827.pat

Again it halted at reboot and I had to unplug it. But now it indeed upgraded to 4.3-3827!

After this manual update from 4.2-3211 → 4.3-3827 I could again go to Control Panel → DSM Update and update the DSM version to 5.0-4458 as it should have worked in the first place! You need to wait for the update to complete and then go to Control Panel → Update & Restore to install the “5.0-4458 Update 2” to fix the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Fresh UI of Synology DSM 5.0

Fresh UI of Synology DSM 5.0


After this struggle I have two theories:

  1. The version 4.2-3211 is defected and it cannot update via web UI due to some bug in the code.
  2. It is not possible to upgrade “too far away ahead” with the synoupgrade command line tool. E.g. you cannot upgrade from 4.2-x straight to 5.0-x because there is 4.3-x in between.

I don’t know if my assumptions are correct but anyway I got my Synology running the latest DSM with Heartbleed vulnerability fixed and the web UI DSM update working again like it should.

47 Responses to “Howto: Can’t Update Synology DSM”

  • Carlos Vazquez Says:

    Thanks .. i have the same situation and can’t upgrade to DSM 5.0 … but now i can.

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Carlos,

      Thanks for the comment. Please let me know if it worked for you. One thing that I did not try was to first update manually with the latest 4.3 *.pat file via web UI. It might work as well.

      • Carlos Vazquez Says:

        Yes, it worked for me.. I can’t upgrade via Web ui… So as you explain, I needed to upgrade manually first to 4.3 and after the halt at reboot (and turn off unplugging) , I finally can upgrade from 4.3 to 5.0 via Web ui…. And the last piece, the upgrade to 5.0 update 2

        My opinion, same as you, it’s that you can’t upgrade from 4.2 to 5, skipping the 4.3

        I had read another Web pages related, but yours has the instructions step by step.. Thank

    • Wayne Says:

      Great thanks. This sorted my ddns and upgrade problems.

  • Paul Says:

    Wonderfull!! really exciting to see i was doing the exact same steps – i had the complete trial and error path you describe, the only missing link was the idea to first upgrade to version 4.3. Reading your blog has been a huge help. I followed your advice to upgrade to 4.3 fist and succeeded (upgrade to 4.3 via ssh and then via the web interface)
    Many thanks to you

  • Thomas Says:

    Thanks a lot!
    I was looking for this answer during a month.
    You saved my life.

  • Tomasz Says:

    Very helpful, many thanks!
    I was able to upgrade DS211j from 4.0 to 4.3 and then to 5.0 thanks to your description. BTW – I was able to use manual, control-panel-based upgrade for the 4.0->4.3 part.

  • sangmook Says:

    thanks a lot
    I had same issue but now it has been resolved.

  • Sean Says:

    THANK YOU so much for posting this. By using your guide I managed to upgrade from DSM 4.2-3202 to 5.0-4482 via 4.3-3810. The only bit of weirdness was applying the 4.3 patch via the command line. It worked OK, but it hung my DS413. Green disk lights were on, but the blue power light was flashing. I pulled the power and reconnected it. When it restarted I got back into DSM and saw it had upgraded from 4.2 to 4.3. After that Control Panel->Update DSM worked like it should. Thanks again.

  • JS-Martin Says:


    I use this tuto and I could upgrade my DS112j to DSM5

    JSM from Paris, France

  • Rayson Says:

    When I run synoupgrade, it said “Permission Denied!”

  • arinium Says:

    Thank you for the comments. I think it is absurd that Synology does not acknowledge the problem nor provide a solution. Also, I could not find any info about this issue when searching the Internet.

  • Wuschel Says:

    Thank you so much…very helpful workaround!
    I was running the DSM 4.3 3776 before but wasnt able to directly upgrade to 5.0 either. After manually upgrading to the lastest 4.3 3827 the Upgrade to 5.0 via the web UI works now…


  • BigRich Says:

    Thanks so much, very clear. Went exactly as you said. I’m completely ignorant when it comes to this stuff so thank goodness for people like you. DSM 5.0 now downloading via web UI 🙂

  • staex Says:

    your solution worked fine for the Synology DS 210j! Thank you!

  • Seth Says:

    thank you very much. saved my bacon from a full reinstall on my DS213. I for sure figured the synology assistant would allow an upgrade!

  • John Says:

    Info from Synology. Tried soolution1 and it worked fine.
    Just remember to use cabel network connction, not wireless..
    Many thanks for your recent support request concerning the Upgrade of your DSM version and the error received.

    Unfortunately from experience this issue is caused by a failed 3rd party attempt to compromise your system with a bitcoin mining utility, to resolve this and upgrade your system please follow the steps below:

    Solution 1] Use a spare disk – the original settings and the the volume will stay intact

    – Remove all disks when power is off.
    – Insert a spare disk to your DiskStation/RackStation, boot up and install the latest version of DSM for your model, then power off.
    – Remove the spare disk, and insert the original disks back.
    – Synology Assistant will show “Migratable” now. Please right click DiskStation in Assistant > Install.
    – Install the latest version of DSM for your model on the original disks.

    [Solution 2] Reinstall DSM – (If all services are running except logging on DSM GUI) settings will be lost, but the volume will stay intact

    Please follow the Sec. 3 of the tutorial below to reinstall DSM:

    Please ensure you install the latest version of DSM for your model)

    If you use [Solution1] or [Solution2], after installing the latest DSM with security fixing, please go to the shared folder “Homes” > “admin” to remove the file named “.profile” if any. This 3rd-party file will affect database working.

    Upgrading to the latest version of DSM for your model is required to fix this issue. If you do not upgrade, the DiskStation/RackStation may be compromised again. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

    Please download the latest DSM here, http://www.synology.com/en-uk/support/download

    If you need further assistance on this issue, please feel free to contact us again.

  • Andreas Says:

    Thank you so much for this guide.
    I had a 211j with DSM 4.2 and couldn’t run DSM Update, got only Connection Failed, upgraded according to the last steps and now I have DSM 4.3 and are able to do upgrade via DSM Update, happy happy 🙂

    “Then I copied the *.pat file to the autoupdate directory:

    root@DiskStation:# cp /volume1/software/Synology/DSM_DS413j_4458.pat

    Then tried again:

    synoupgrade –patch /volume1/@autoupdate/DSM_DS413j_4458.pat”

  • Alex Rembish Says:

    Thank you much for this guide. I had 212j with DSM 4.1 and ssh upgraded it to latest 4.3 (DSM_DS413j_3827.pat) without any problem (no halts at all). After that automatic upgrade from web UI works well.

  • Andy Garretty Says:

    Brilliant. Was lost and you saved me.

  • Peter Says:


    I’ve been spending several nights trying to do this now – nothing helps. I keep getting this:

    PeterSynology> synoupgrade –patch /volume1/video//DSM_RS2414rp+_3320.pat
    szFilePath length = 38
    Version Check Pass
    synoupgrade.c:2676 Unique Check Fail
    synoupgrade.c:2728 CheckUniqueVesion Fail with /volume1/video//DSM_RS2414rp+_3320.pat.
    synoupgrade.c:2791 Upgrade Check Patch Fail.

    Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong?

    Any help is REALLY appreciated 🙂

    PS: I’ve tried with several versions of the firmware – this is the third I’ve tried…

  • Federico Says:

    Thanks for your help… i try to follow your instruction but i have a problem… in my system the @autopdate directory don’t exist…

    Darkness> cd /volume1/
    Darkness> ls

    I downloaded the firmware but:

    Darkness> synoupgrade –patch DSM_DS413j_3827.pat
    szFilePath length = 19
    Version Check Pass
    synoupgrade.c:2676 Unique Check Fail
    synoupgrade.c:2728 CheckUniqueVesion Fail with DSM_DS413j_3827.pat.
    synoupgrade.c:2791 Upgrade Check Patch Fail.

    I hope in your help 😉

  • Mr. Orange Says:

    I don’t know who you are, but you’re a freaking lifesaver. My own personal Batman.

  • Doc D Says:

    You’re my hero for posting this. Thanks!

  • Prasanna Says:

    Thanks for this! Slashed off an item that was on my task list for a looooong time.

  • SP Says:

    Thank you so much for this! I was stuck on this issue for the last few months.

  • Milda Says:

    I couldnot sign in GUI as admin. This description really helped me to update firmware via SSH. Thanks a lot.

  • Ric Says:

    Awesome guide, enabled me to update my DS from 4.3; especially the hint using the archives for older updates as steps between was golden.

    Saved my day!

    (using shell always feels hacker-style ^^)

  • arinium Says:

    Thank you so much for the comments. I am so happy I have been able to help so many. Peter & Federico: I am sorry, I have no idea why it gives you the “Upgrade Check Patch Fail”.

  • tbyte Says:

    Thank you. I did ssh update 1st go and was successful. for 5.0 I had to do manual Update via GUI but its smooth. Been trying many many times in the past and was not successfull.

    One thing for those who wonder how to login to diskstation using ssh, you need to use a software eg: putty.

  • Fredrik Says:

    By just following this principle of first updating to 4.3, I was able to remotely (without force-restart) update via the web GUI DSM4.1 to DSM4.3(http://usdl.synology.com/download/DSM/4.3/3776/) and then automatic self update to DSM5.0

    Thanks for the tips.

  • steagle Says:

    Thanks a million for this article! Same exact thing happened to me on my DS213+ running 4.2-3211. Downloading direct from updates.synology.com using wget and then copying the file to /volume1/@autoupdate, then running the patch, was the solution. Thanks again!

  • deadlydog Says:

    Thanks for the info. I have a Synology DS212j and Plex had stopped working on it, after I uninstalled it, it kept failing to install again. The solution was to upgrade to the latest DSM. It wouldn’t detect any newer versions though; it kept saying I was already on the latest DSM version. I went to the website and tried updating to the latest version, but it kept giving an “Parameter value is not valid” error message (or something similar, I can’t quite remember). So instead of downloading the latest version, I kept trying other versions above my current version (4.3.-3776), with most of them giving the same error, but eventually I found one that worked. After that it detected more updates properly, and after going through the install update, check for more updates, install update process 4 or 5 times, I’m finally on the latest v5 DSM version. Thanks.

  • Dan Says:

    Thanks so much for this blog post – Finally getting around to upgrading and this helped a ton!

  • Kent Says:

    I’m assuming this is meant for Diskstations that should be able to update to DSM v5.2 – but won’t because of the mentioned glitch.

    But other Diskstations (e.g. DS209+) for which Synology shows the highest version available as v4.2 – this method won’t get around that, right ?
    An attempt to upgrade to v5.2 will fail ?

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Kent,

      Your assumption is correct, this method will only work for those DiskStations that have higher DSM versions made by Synology.

  • Dino Says:

    I tried to upgrade my ds211j from DSM 4.1- 4.3 via ssh however after i use the command synougrade –patch, i get these lines
    szFilePath length = 46
    Version Check Pass
    Unique Check Pass

    then it disconnects me from the terminal
    upgrade doesnt continue
    any ideas?

  • AAKZ Says:

    Can somebody provide me the valid link to obtain the 4.3 update please. TQ in advance.

  • Michael Says:

    Great guide got it to work after many forums and bashing head against keyboard for a few hours. Thanks very much for posting.

  • Rocky Says:

    This was more helpful than anything I could find on Synology’s website. Thanks.

  • Pamela Darrah Says:

    Thank you. I needed to update an old DS213j from 4.3 to current and I’m not sure I would have figured it out without your detailed information. I ended up needing to use this procedure to get to the last 4.3 version, then 5.0 then last 5 version and after that I was able to use the normal method thru the web interface.

  • Sam Says:

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