Mar 12 2013

Howto: Ignore Facebook App Requests

Fecebook Requests

Recently I have been bothered by constant, I mean daily, requests from a Facebook App called “Movie Blitz”. For a while I clicked the blue “x” to remove the request – every friggin’ day. Of course after couple of weeks I got tired and tried to search the “Requests Page” where I could say that I don’t want to receive request from Movie Blitz, once and for all. However it is not easy to find because there is no direct link to it, unless you have pending active requests. Yes, you need to have more than one request pending to be able to view the link.

There are two “Requests Pages”, the old one is and I am not sure how long will they support it. The new one (the one in my screenshot above) is Ah, there you can find “Ignore all” requests for Movie Blitz. If you use the new page, you need to click “Ignore all” and then click “Block” in the opening dialog. Done.

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