Jan 29 2013

Review: Scheckter’s Organic Energy Lite

Nutrition Facts Amount/100 ml
Energy 30 kcal
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrates 7.4 g
Fat 0 g

Scheckter’s energy drink is an interesting beverage using only organic and natural ingredients. It is basically unknown in the markets dominated by the giants like Monster and Red Bull. At least in theory it is a healthier choice compared to the big brands.

Scheckter’s Organic Energy

Toby Scheckter, a South African race driver, founded Scheckter’s Organic Beverages Ltd in 2011. The company launched its first product, Scheckter’s Organic Energy, the same year in South Africa. Toby and his brother Freddie grew up on a farm and saw closely how to produce organic goods. They realized that there is a demand for a healthier and natural energy drink. It took them two years to develop the formula. The company claims it to be the first 100% natural, organic and FairTrade approved energy drink.

There are many similar ingredients as in the leading brands, including guarana, ginseng and caffeine. The drink has also pomegranate and elderberry juice that are said to have antioxidants, low glycemic index agave nectar, lemon juice, green tea and raw green coffee bean. Naturally all ingredients are organic. The regular version is weetened by raw cane sugar and has 10.6 g of carbohydrates per 100 ml. The Lite version has no added cane sugar yielding 7.4 g/100 ml of carbohydrates. No other sweeteners, natural or artificial, are used.


The drink smells like berry juice and it is red in color. It also tastes like berry juice. As a matter of fact, the taste is very different from the normal energy drinks, this has no distinctive guarana/ginseng taste that for example Red Bull has. I personally like it, it is not that sweet. Surprisingly the drink is not carbonated at all and it adds even more to the juicy feeling.

Where to Buy?

I have only found it in couple of organic and oriental stores. Unfortunately it is really expensive, 250 ml can costs 3.50 € (~$4.70).

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