Oct 29 2012

Review: Supejerseys.com & Wholesalesportgoods.com

*** UPDATE February 14, 2014: The domain has been seized by the NFL. ***

Domain Seized by the NFL

Domain Seized by the NFL

*** UPDATE March 04, 2013: jerseysusa.us is the new site of supejerseys.com and it is owned by the same company. I have already ordered successfully jerseys there and I will write my review of it soon. HOWEVER, I have received reports from my blog readers that wholesalesportgoods.com has problems delivering products and I have confirmed this myself in my latest order. So I DO NOT RECOMMEND you order anything from wholesalesportgoods.com for the time being. ***

*** UPDATE November 23, 2012: Supejerseys.com has been updated and is back online again. ***

*** UPDATE November 16, 2012: People have been asking me what happened to supejerseys.com because the website does not respond anymore. I asked this from the customer service of wholesalesportgoods.com (because they are owned by the same company) and they replied that supejerseys.com is currently updating and will reopen soon. ***

The Chinese web store I bought jerseys from in the past quit, so I needed to find a new resource for high quality, yet cheap American sport jerseys. A friend of mine had previously ordered from supejerseys.com and recommended it so I decided to give it a try. I soon discovered that the same company owns another web store, wholesalesportgoods.com that has a variety of other clothing available and it would be possible to combine the two orders into one and get the whole package delivered for free.


Customer Service

I organized a joint order with my friends again to get the “wholesale” benefit of free postage when ordering 10 or more items. Supejerseys.com also provide a live customer service via chat and I found that very convenient way to quickly ask anything. The support persons were really polite and friendly and were quickly able to answer all my questions. They also communicated promptly via email. One thing that bothered me was that Gmail warned me about the email address that they use, “wholesalejerseyscheapnfl@hotmail”. Gmail thought that it was an unsafe email address that was used for scams and hoaxes. But because my friend has successfully ordered from them before, I trusted the site and its customer service and it worked out well in the end.

Payment Options

Supejerseys.com offers Paypal as a payment option, however they charge a commission should you choose to use it. Since my friend had already successfully bought from them, I decided to “take a leap of faith” and pay my order with Western Union. Why is it a leap of faith? Paypal offers a buyer protection in case of a fraud but Western Union does not. Western Union operates between individuals, it is in fact prohibited in its rules to transfer money to a company. Also you voluntarily give money to an individual and thereby give up all privileges you would normally have in web commerce. It is free for the receiver to collect the money with Western Union and Money Gram, the commission is paid by the sender – and that is the reason why all the Chinese companies prefer WU & MG over Paypal where the commission is paid by the receiver. That being said, I was willing to trust them. Please note that Western Union has a restriction in the web: you cannot transfer more than $400 per day as a new customer due to security reasons. My order was worth more than that so I had to personally go to a local Western Union agent to get the whole sum paid at once.

Delivery Times

I understood that Supejerseys.com acts as a broker, representing multiple Chinese factories. If all the items are really in stock then the delivery is super fast! The first package took only three days to arrive to the customs, that is really fast for a Chinese company. I have been used to even six weeks when dealing with the Chinese, but Supejerseys.com must use a “premium” courier. Premium courier or not, the packages had the same China Post (EMS) tags and labels as before, so go figure. They also shipped in parts so all the available items arrived first and the rest were backordered.

“In Stock”

I have to mention that you need to be precautious about the availability statuses. All, I mean all the items are marked as “In Stock” but they really are not, so consider yourself as being warned. There is no way to really tell if an item is sold-out. Heck, Supejerseys.com representatives don’t even know it before you have paid your order and they begin to gather the items from various factories. If you order just for yourself, it may be fine to just wait for the restock. In my case, however, there were many people involved and it was not OK to make others wait for their items because some others were out of stock. So I entered the “replacement roulette” where I acted as a middle man, asking my friends for alternatives and forwarding their wishes to Supejersey.com. They told me in turn whether that item was in stock or also sold out. This was no easy procedure. Finally I managed to get all alternative replacements from my friends and the shipments were completed.

NBA Jerseys

The quality is really good, the cloths, sewing, tags, patches, holograms, the finish – all top-notch. The jerseys are equivalent of the official “Swingman” type, so all the numbers and letters are cut from fabric and stitched onto the jersey. These cost around $90 when purchased through the official channels, here you can get one for ca. $18. Supejerseys.com does not have “replica” type at all. In replicas, the characters are either painted or glued onto the fabric and they will wear of when washed. Please see the photos in my review of JerseysFromChinaForCheap, you don’t want that. So you can be sure that all jerseys are of premium quality. Personalization is another matter. The previous Chinese store that I used, made personalized jerseys for $54. That’s right, you could have had custom text and numbers for just $54. Supejerseys.com charges $87 for the same, so there is a huge price difference. One can of course argue that $87 is much cheaper than through the official channels, $260 plus shipping. But after getting used to $54, that $87 feels a lot.

NHL Jerseys

There is nothing wrong with NHL jerseys either, all is there that should be. In the picture you can see NHL Heroes of Hockey Jersey #99 Gretzky. As you can see, the tags look very authentic. Even the holograms are there. The NHL jerseys cost around $31 each.

NFL Jerseys

NFL jerseys are of premium quality as well. Please note that the sizes for women are really small. So the size “S” is tiny.


The shorts are not as good quality as the jerseys. The used cloth is thinner than in the official “Swingman” type I have purchased before. Also the sizes are relevantly smaller so please order one size up than you would normally do. The tags and patches are however there like in the official versions.


There is nothing to complaint about the caps or woolen hats. Materials used are of good quality and the stitching is well done.


*** Update, March 04, 2013. I have received reports from my blog readers that wholesalesportgoods.com has problems delivering products and I have confirmed this myself in my latest order. So I DO NOT RECOMMEND you order anything from wholesalesportgoods.com for the time being. ***

Once I realized that supejerseys.com and wholesalesportgoods.com are owned by the same company and it was possible to combine orders from the two to save in shipping, it gave us a ton of more options to choose from.


The basketball shoes look and feel right. One observation about Air Jordans is that they are small so please order one size up than you normally would. But I heard that this applies to the genuine Air Jordans as well so it should not come as a surprise.

Timberland winter shoes look really good. All the “authentic” tags and emblems are there, they even have a square cut out of leather saying “Guaranteed Waterproof”. They actually look so much authentic that it made me think that they might even come from the same factory than the originals.

Pradas look good as well. However, the finishing was not as well done as one would expect. One of the top parts was fastened with a piece of metal that resembled a staple and it took off immediately. Otherwise they seem to be of good quality, although the materials used might have been better.

Dolce & Gabbana shoes did not look exactly like the authentics, there were details off here and there and they could be seen with the naked eye.

I wanted to show you how banged up the boxes can be so do not be frightened if you will get a box that looks similar. The contents were still intact.


Ed Hardy shirts look very authentic, every detail is like they should be. The cloth is of good quality and the printing is well made.

Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) shirt looks really good, every detail is there. It smells like wool even though it says it is made of cotton.


Nike winter coat looks awesome and feels warm, just the way it is supposed to be. Details and materials are top-notch.


After shuffling with the out of stock and alternative replacements, I ended up having $5.50 as a balace so I had to figure out something cheap because obviously I had to spend all the money I had paid them :). I chose this Chicago Bulls key chain and there’s nothing wrong with it, good and solid build.

The Verdict

Quality Score
Customer Service
Availability Statuses
Delivery Time

To summarize, Supejerseys.com and Wholesalesportgoods.com have excellent customer service. The products are reasonably priced and they are generally of good quality. The shipments can be super fast but do not trust the availability statuses because every item is shown as “In Stock” even if they were not. The both stores combined offer a vast variety of clothing to choose from. Supejerseys.com and Wholesalesportgoods.com are no scam and I can warmly recommend them without any fear of losing your money.

36 Responses to “Review: Supejerseys.com & Wholesalesportgoods.com”

  • Dennis40 Says:

    Hi, with an order this large do it got charged by custom?

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Dennis,

      Yes it was seized by the Finnish customs and I had to pay the national tax (23%) and the regulatory “customs fee” (12% for textiles). For a large order like this, I could calculate one third to the prices you would see on the website. On the other hand, there is no postage when ordering ten or more items at once.

    • Scott Says:

      Terrible delivery. Always short one for shipping costs. Just wait until they charge you and not send it. But not tell you that its out of stock and still charge you.

  • Shayne Says:


    I received an email from supejerseys.com saying that 3 of my groups 10 items are out of stock and to change our order. I’ve emailed them questioning how to do this.

    Is it a difficult process? Do they cancel your previous order so you can enter the new order?


    • arinium Says:

      Hi Shayne,

      What I did was that once I knew which items were out of stock, then I gave them a list (via email) of replacements. They then replied saying which of the replacements were out of stock. Going back and forth the number of items out of stock was narrowed down to zero. I know, this was really annoying and I had to be the middle man between supejerseys and my friends. And it took my time because I had to ask my friends for new alternatives. Luckily they sent the order in increments so that everyone did not need to wait because some items were out of stock.

  • Matt Says:

    So when you say you had to pay a custom tax how much are we really talking? I mean I know you said 1/3 but it that per jersey? I am ordering 10 and would like to know aout how much I will be paying

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Matt,

      In my country (Finland), if we buy from outside the European Union, we have to pay the national tax (23%) plus a customs fee which depends on the product category. Textiles have 12% so it totals to 35%. You will most likely have to pay a lot less because we have really high tax rates.

  • Ben Says:

    How fast does it take for the jerseys to arrive and how would i know if the ones ordered were out of stock

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Ben,

      Please check the Delivery Times in my review.

      Unfortunately there is no way to know about the stock status before ordering, however they will email you and tell you which ones were out-of-stock if necessary.

  • mack Says:

    Have you asked them if they can “fake” the price, so you don’t have to pay the customs fee and vat? I mean that the seller just writes the package value down to like 10$. How much is the shipping cost to Finland when ordering a single jersey?

    • arinium Says:

      Yes, they will write false value automatically in the customs declaration but at least the Finnish customs is clever and they don’t buy it :).

      Let me get back to you later with the shipping costs to Finland.

      • arinium Says:

        Mack: The shipping for one jersey is 19,75 € ($26).

        • mack Says:

          Okay, thanks. I just thought that only one jersey priced 20 us dollars might just get past the customs 🙂 Too bad the law changed 1.1.2013 and taxes must be paid over all orders above ~21 euros.

  • Matti Says:

    Hi! I ordered an NBA jersey last Sunday but I haven’t heard anything about it yet. (I know it’s been only 3 days but you said the delivery is super fast, hah)

    You mentioned that ‘The first package took only three days to arrive to the customs’. I’m also from Finland. Do I have to contact the customs and ask about my package? I really don’t know how these things work.

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Matti,

      I have been used to up to six week delivery times when ordering from the Chinese companies so compared to the others, supejerseys has been really fast. They may still have queues because of the past Christmas season. The Chinese New Year is on February 10-13 this year.

      Maybe I will translate this blog post to Finnish and list detailed instructions for the Finnish customs procedure. In short, you are presented two choices:
      1. You may pay the taxes via net bank and you will get the package delivered to your closest post office.
      2. You may have the package forwarded to a closest customs office and you can go there personally to pick it up and pay the taxes there.

  • Matt Says:

    All my jerseys came. They were awesome. The MLB jerseys were sick. In fact one a tag on it that said $380. Can’t wait to order more

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the comments, I am glad everything worked well for you. I told you they were premium quality 🙂

  • Luke Says:

    i was wondering if you a general time when they are on live chat. because i am having trouble getting in contact with them. it is like one email a day when it would be more convenient to have a full conversation at once

    • arinium Says:

      I have noticed that their customer service chat is never online any more. It is really a shame because it is much more convenient to solve issues in a real time chat than emailing back and forth once a day. 🙁

  • Nick Says:

    I just noticed that http://www.wholesalejerseyscheapnfl.com has been shut down (this is also their email). I placed an order about a week ago from supejersey.com and havent been able to contact them, does this mean I won’t be getting my order? Your thoughts…

  • Matthew Says:

    I just got my order today and I am very pleased. I would defiantly use this company again! The Only thing I would do differently is have all the people I ordered for have a backup jersey. A lot of their stuff is out of stock so I had to get a few different ones. I had 10 jerseys come today and they all look super good! Only one minor stitching error on a hockey jersey but no one will notice it! The soccer jerseys looked the best out of all of them in my opinion! After I ordered it, it came in 8 days which was really fast! I’m glad with this company

  • Colin Says:


    I was wondering if you received your order from wholesalesportsgoods.com? Did you order during the Chinese New Year? I would like to order from them, but want to make sure that they are a legit company before ordering. Thank you


    • arinium Says:

      Hi Colin,

      I have previously received items successfully from wholesalesportsgoods.com as you can see from my photos in this review. However last time I ordered a month ago, all the items were out-of-stock. I also have been informed by the readers of my blog that they have not received items from wholesalesportsgoods.com lately. So I DO NOT RECOMMEND you order anything from wholesalesportgoods.com for the time being.

  • Steve Says:

    Do all the jerseys from superjersey’s have +2 length or is it just the swingman ones? Or should I buy an authentic one? The reason I ask is they swingman ones even in small look like a dress on me 🙁

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Steve,

      Based on my experience some are +2 and some are not so you need to confirm it with the customer service. Also, my advice is that you should order from jerseysusa.us and not from supejerseys. I am writing a review of jerseysusa.us but it is not complete yet.

  • Hello Says:

    i have used the site bizwholesalejerseys.com and its worked out so far for 1 order. is this the same company you have been talking about but with a diffrent name now? And do you still order from them currently??

    • arinium Says:


      bizwholesalejerseys.com is a new name for supejerseys. I have not had any problems with supejersey or jerseyusa with multiple orders. But do not order anything from wholesalesportgoods.com because they have all items out-of-stock.

  • Lydia Says:

    It looks like wholesalejerseyscheapnfl.com no longer accepts PayPal. I emailed them to ask, but I am getting bounce back messages. Their email isn’t working. I thought I would try to use WesternUnion, but if their email isn’t working then I wonder if they are not processing orders right now. I decided to go to wholesalesportgoods.com to see if I could find some other contact information, but that website has been shut down. Do you know if they are processing orders right now and if there is any other way to contact them?

    • Lydia Says:

      I need to make a correction on what I just said. Wholesalejerseyscheapnfl.com is also shut down. Bizwholesalejerseys.com is the same company, and that website is still up. Jerseyusa.us is also up. The email address that isn’t working is wholesalejerseyscheapnfl@hotmail.com. The live support chats on both jerseyusa.us and bizwholesalejerseys.com use that same email address though, and since the email isn’t working, there is no way to contact them. I wish there was a way to find out if they are still processing orders. Is there any other email address they use that you know of?

      • arinium Says:

        Hi Lydia,

        I have received many reports that wholesalesportgoods.com has had trouble fulfilling orders so it is no surprise that they have finally shut down the whole site. Even if it reopens, I do not recommend ordering from wholesalesportgoods.com until we have received info about successful orders.

        I am afraid I do not know about PayPal. I have selected paying with Western Union because the Chinese take additional fees for PayPal. Now here is a word of caution however: Western Union (and MoneyGram) operate on an individual level. They do not provide any safety in case something goes wrong. It is a money transaction between consumers and that’s it. Imagine that the Chinese company goes bankrupt or quits its business, you would end up losing the money. I was willing to take the risk but I would recommend every one to weigh the possibilities.

        As of today, I know that jerseysusa.us operates normally. I cannot say anything about any other store or domain. I would recommend to wait for them to have the customer service chat available and asking them about ordering and payment options. However this can be tricky, because the chat seems to be more offline than online lately.

  • vodun Says:

    I have made my order by Bizwholesalejerseys.com.i made my order October 3th and i should get my order tomorrow.they emailed me one time and I did answer successfully one time.i had email last week and that time the email address wasn’t working.

    my question is about jersey sizes.i have heard that sizes are little bit small.is this true?are hockey jerseys right size or should you take one size bigger?

    I am thinking about ordering from aliexpress.com.jersey are even cheaper and many seller offer free shipping.even if you order only one jersey.hockey jersey about 26 and basketball 20 $.

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Vodun,

      Hockey jerseys have been about the right size but I guess it could be safe to order one size larger than normally.

      Aliexpress is an umbrella or a market place for Chinese companies and individuals to sell their products to Western customers. It is like eBay. So there is no guarantee what kind of seller you’ll get. I have once tried to order from them but they rejected my credit card and required me to send a photo of my passport next to the credit card. I did but they also asked CSC but never give anyone your CSC because after that they can order stuff with your credit card. I refused to give it and they confirmed my card. However the process took so long (6 weeks) that I had ordered the same stuff from elsewhere by the time of confirmation.

  • Rizzo Says:

    Any comment on nfljerseyscost.com. is this a reliable company to order from

    • arinium Says:

      Hi Rizzo,

      I have not ordered from nfljerseyscost.com but it sure does look much like Jerseysusa.us which I have also reviewed. It is not 100% same but it shares many user interface components, take a look at for example the “Live Support” badge on the right.

      If you do not need to order 10 pieces for in order to get free postage, then I would recommend AliExpress which I have also reviewed. Many sellers sell even one piece without postage.

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