Sep 05 2012

Review: Wilson Solution Basketball

After experimenting with three different basketballs – Spalding Tack Soft, Spalding Neverflat and Spalding NBA Zi/O – I ended up buying a new Wilson Solution as a replacement for our old Wilson Solution game ball.

The ball on the left side is a brand new and the one on the right side is four years old. Its color has changed radically from bright to dark and it has lost its grip. The surface, especially the “studs”, have worn out and have become slippery. The font of the “Solution” has changed during the years but the design is otherwise identical.

The ball has relatively deep channels so it is easy to get a fast spin when shooting it. The sufrace feels really sticky at first and it makes it easy to pass it accurately without the fear of it slipping through the receiver’s hands. The surface is really unique – not seen in any other ball that I have played with or tested. Even when I inflate it to the proper bounce it remains really soft and comfortable, while others become really hard and can even hurt fingers when dribbling or receiving a fast pass.

This is the ultimate game ball! If you are looking for a ball that every player loves, look no further for this is worth every penny. Wilson Solution is even better than Spalding TF-1000. In Europe the Solution costs around $75 (60 €) and it is sold in the US as “Wilson NCAA Solution” for about $60 (45 €).

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