Sep 11 2012

Review: Monster Absolutely Zero

Nutrition Facts Amount/100 ml
Energy 0 kcal
Protein N/A
Carbohydrates 0.42 g
Sugars 0 g
Fat N/A
Fiber N/A

Monster Energy Absolutely Zero comes from Monster USA and is really rare in Europe. This zero-calorie & low-carb energy drink is sweetened by Erythritol, Sucralose and Inositol and is derived from its sibling, Monster Lo-Carb energy drink.

The Ingredients

“People have been blowin’ up our inbox for years asking for a zero calorie Monster. […] Finally with a re-tooled energy blend, new sweetener system and after hundreds of failed flavors, we absolutely got it right!”

Monster has had Lo-Carb variant for years but it is not really low-carb when compared to for example Red Bull Sugarfree that has zero carbs. Monster Lo-Carb has 2 g/100 ml which is of course much lower than the regular (11 g/100 ml).

It is nice to notice that Absolutely Zero does not contain Aspartame or Acesulfame K. The main sweetener is Erythritol that belongs to “sugar alcohol/polyol” group. These polyols are no sugars nor alcohols but rather carbohydrates that have less of an impact on blood sugar (low glycemic index) than sugars. In other words, they do not cause sudden raise of blood sugar level. The second in the list of sweeteners is Sucralose, a low-carb chemically created sweetener. Next is Glucuronolactone (how do you pronunce that?:)), a natural substance that can be found in connective tissues, also in the human body. Finally there is Inositol, also a polyol like Erythritol. It is half as sweet as table sugar (sucrose).

Smell and Taste

Absolutely Zero smells similarly fruity as Lo-Carb. The taste is also similar but I can sense that some flavor is missing. Additionally, it is not as sweet as Lo-Carb. If you love Lo-Carb, you will most likely love this as well. I know I do!


The zero-calorie & really low-carb Monster Absolutely Zero would be a great addition to the Monster lineup in Europe. Unfortunately it is not available at all in most parts. If you have an extreme low-carb diet this would be the obvious choice instead of Monster Lo-Carb. Zero calories + familiar awesome taste makes this a wonderful product.

Where to Buy?

I have found this only in the German web store where one 16 fl.oz. (473 ml) can costs 4.19 € ($4.50), that is super expensive! Hint me if you have found it somewhere cheaper. There are reports that it can be found in some parts of the UK in grocery stores.

Quality Score
Low in Carbs

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