May 26 2012

Review: Jerseys From China for Cheap (Revisited)

*** UPDATE Oct 31, 2012 ***
I have successfully now ordered from Please read my review of the store.

*** UPDATE August 28, 2012 ***
The website has evidently been closed down. I have not been able to contact its owner for a while to know if it has been relocated or what. A friend of mine has successfully ordered jerseys from so I recommend to use that store instead. I have not yet personally ordered jerseys from them but when I do, I’ll report the results here.

A while ago, I ordered one sample NBA jersey from Jerseys From China for Cheap to see the quality. I was very pleased with the finish and the premium cloth they had used, not to mention very reasonable price so I decided to organize a joint order among my friends. The company has an offer: if you buy 10 or more jerseys, you will get free delivery and that’s what I was after. My friends bought items from every product category so I had the unique opportunity to review and photograph the merchandise before I delivered them to my friends.

Please note that if you place a larger order with ten or more items, it is consided as a wholesale order and they will not accept credit card as a payment. In that case you have other options such as Xoom, MoneyGram and Western Union, Xoom being the cheapest so use it if possible.

The order was delivered in two parts, first came the ready-made in-stock products in a carton box. The carton was pretty banged up when it arrived. But it did not contain any fragile items so it does not matter. The first part took 10 days to travel from the payment.

The second part that contained all the customized items was delivered in a plastic wrap. Now this is OK, since there were only clothes inside. Some items/colors were sold out so we adjusted the order on the go. Notice: You cannot tell if an item is sold out before you pay the order so you have two choices: either swap it or wait for it. The part two arrived in a month.

It was nice that they had declared the boxes as “clothes”, “personal gift”, “no commercial value” and the price as low as ~$30. However, the customs in Finland were not fooled by it and I had to pay customs and taxes anyway.

NHL Jerseys

The NHL jerseys were exquisite quality: thick fabrics, authentic NHL/Reebok tags, excellent patches and sleek seams. There were loose threads hanging here and there (I guess they are sewn in a hurry) but you can easily cut them away yourself. I had the jerseys analyzed by an NHL expert, a good friend of mine, and he told me that the only thing that separates them from the originals he had purchased from the NHL Store was a missing patch from the lower part. I don’t know if it is there always or do some jerseys have it while others don’t. Anyway, even the expert gave praise to the top quality.

The order included a pair of hockey socks and they too were like they should be.

MLB Jerseys

The baseball jerseys were top quality as well. I am no expert of them but the cloth, sewing, numbers, patches and tags all seem to be genuine.

NFL Jerseys

I received no complaints of the NFL jerseys from a hardcore NFL fan either. The fabric, stitches, patches – all there as they should be.

Soccer (Football) Jerseys

The experts told me that the cloth was better quality than they expected, price considered. The shorts were however made out of thin fabric and did not feel top quality. The sizes are rather small, so a size L would be equivalent of size S/M elsewhere. Keep that in mind when ordering.

NBA Jerseys

Now this is where things got interesting. My personalized test purchase earlier and the Miami Heat jerseys in the first box were made out of a premium quality, dense fabric. Both the red alternative away (with a custom name) as well as the ready-made black away #1 BOSH one.

These are both what I would consider a high quality, top-notch jerseys. Take a look at the closeups of the jerseys from the second box below. You’ll notice that the fabric is thin, light and porous. Wheter this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen. On the other hand the lighter fabric seems to be more moisture absorbant and could be more comfortable to wear because of the lighter weight.

I cannot wonder what has happened between the two deliveries. Have they run out of fabric and were forced to use an alternative? Even the seams are sewn with an off-color thread in one jersey. Maybe they were in a hurry to get the complete order delivered in a timely manner? For the sake of truth, I have to admit that the alternative fabric would have been just fine had I not seen the other one so it is not bad really, just different than I expected.

The others were great as you can tell from the photos of Kobe Bryant #24 special black away jersey and Larry Bird #33 Hardwood Classics jersey.

The Verdict

I had to take one star away from the “Quality” because of the inconsistency in the NBA jersey fabrics, the off-color thread in one jersey and loose threads here and there. Otherwise it would have been just perfect. Overall, the items in all the categories were really good with all the details in place.

The in-stock ready-made products took two weeks to arrive but be prepared to having to wait for personalized items for four to six weeks.

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9 Responses to “Review: Jerseys From China for Cheap (Revisited)”

  • Tilaaja Says:

    Moi. Nähtävästi olet suomesta joten sattuipa hyvin. Olen aatellut juuri tilata jotain NHL/MLB paitoja kiinasta tollaselta halpis sivustolta. Mikä sivu toi siis oli? Noita näyttää löytyvän aika paljon. Ja sujuiko kaikki ihan hyvin? Kommunikaatio sun muut? Koska jos yli 10 tilaa niin jonkinlaiset on kuitenkin riskit. Ja kun noissa ei voi käyttää PayPalia joka on se varmin tapa. Mutta tämän luettuani varmemmin mielin voi alkaa tilaamaan.

  • Tilaaja Says:

    Ja vielä että tuleeko siitä jotain tulli kuluja? Ettei vaan tulis liian kalliiks.

  • arinium Says:

    Moi! Vastaavia sivustoja on tosiaan paljon. Uskalsin tilata kyseisen sivuston kautta vasta, kun chattasin firman omistajan, amerikkalais-kanadalaisen John Taylorin kanssa. Tilasin ensiksi kokeeksi yhden paidan, jotta näin kuinka homma toimii, mitkä ovat lopulliset kulut ja mikä on tuotteen laatu. Kaikki toimi hienosti ja tuote oli viimeisen päälle laadukas. Muista sivustoista en tiedä, mutta kyseisestä sivustosta kyllä uskaltaa tilata. Testitilaukseni kokemukset olen kirjannut kirjoitukseen: Kirjoituksista löytyvät myös verojen ja tullimaksujen osuudet.

  • Tilaaja Says:

    Mutta kannattaako tehdä niin kuin sinä että tilaa USA:han josta kaveri lähettää Suomeen? Koska ainoa mitä pelkään on että tulli ottaa tuotteen kun huomaa että on piraattia.

  • arinium Says:

    Tulli ei varmasti takavarikoi, mutta ALV:n voi joutua maksamaan, jos tilaa isomman erän. Muutaman paidan voi minusta kierrättää huoletta USA:ssa asuvan ystävän kautta, mutta iso paketti jää varmasti tulliin ja sen joutuu tullaamaan.

  • Tilaaja Says:

    Näyttää kuin olisit tilannut yli 30 paitaa eikö silloin tulli ja ALV kulut olleet erittäin isot?

  • arinium Says:

    Tilasin 37 paitaa. ALV on 23% ja tullimaksu tekstiileille on muistaakseni 12%. Nyrkkisääntönä voi pitää, että (dollarin kurssista riippuen) tuotteen lopulliseksi hinnaksi tulee euroina sama, mitä kaupan sivuilla lukee dollareissa.

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