Apr 01 2012

Review: Spalding Neverflat Basketball

I was really disappointed with the Spalding Tack Soft basketball. When I inflated it so that it bounced properly, it became really hard. When I deflated it to get a softer feel, it did not bounce at all. Eventually the valve leaked air so I ended up returning it to Kickz and got Spalding Never Flat in return.

Spalding Never Flat has very deep channels and a nice grip. The surface was even sticky at first but it normalized when we played with the ball for a while.

When I first took the ball with me to the games it felt a bit flat. I tried to inflate it but I only found a rubber cap that I couldn’t pull out with my nails. While I pondered how to remove the cap, the air inside the ball warmed up and it became bouncy. The product description says that the ball does not need to be inflated during the first year of operation. In other words, I have one year to figure out how to open the valve cap =).

This is a good ball with excellent grip. However it is not as soft as the Wilson Solution or the Spalding TF-1000 so in my opinion the feel is not as good as with the aforementioned. Price range is $30 (23 €) in the US, $60-80 (45-60 €) in Europe.

*** UPDATE May 23, 2012 ***
I ended up taking one star away from “the feel” because it is now clear that the ball won’t become any softer after a while in use. Many players complain (including me) that it is far too hard and uncomfortable to play with. Too bad.

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